Windowed 1.3.0 ~ crack/serial/keygen

Well, it's finally here. You know, that thing almost all Instagram users were looking forward to - an app that allows you to upload pictures to Instagram from your PC or Mac.

Dubbed somewhat awkwardly, Windowed is a lightweight utility that basically acts a mobile browser, thus allowing you to upload photos to Insta without actually having to rely on your mobile device.


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Software developer
Grade 5.0
492 5.0
Downloads count 4420
File size < 1 MB
Systems Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit

Subsequent to a typical installation procedure, you are required to provide the application with your official Instagram or Facebook credentials to log in. It almost goes without saying that your computer must also have an active Internet connection.

You're bound to discover that the app sports the typical Instagram user interface, found on most mobile devices. Of course, the generic Upload button from the lower-middle part of the interface is the main element that stands out.

You can upload photos exactly as you would on a mobile device but, before you get all hyped, it's not all rainbows and butterflies, as we have discovered that the app does not provide you with access to the famous set of Instagram filters so, it's #nofilter, at least for the time being.

Before we conclude, we want to make it as clear as possible that this app is not officially affiliated with Instagram. Secondly, please take into account that there's really no telling if this is a "legit" solution, getting your Instagram account banned for using it is not something entirely unrealistic. For more info, feel free to read the Instagram Terms of Use

All things considered, this might turn out to be a very useful tool for users who don't necessarily rely on Instagram's filters yet desire a quick way of uploading pictures from what might just be a more convenient environment than that provided by a mobile device.