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MotionCaster streamlines live video broadcasting to various destinations simultaneously, allowing you to share your live event with the world. The application aims to substitute a professional video production studio, enabling you to merge multimedia files and create clips that can be recorded or streamed online.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed when starting MotionCaster for the first time, as its interface comprises multiple panels and buttons you don't know the purpose of, at least not before taking the time to closely watch a tutorial and going through the written documentation to understand how the application should be used.


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The media browser enables you to manage the multimedia sources, including video clips, images, or audio files. You can add multiple clips and still images stored locally, or get the input from various devices or NDI or RTMP network connections, in different video formats.

The clip is first loaded in the preview area, then in the program area (double click on preview window to do so). The latter is the panel that shows exactly what your viewers are watching. You can fully control the playback using the integrated media players in the lower side of the screen.

The rightmost panel in MotionCaster stores the transition effects and the switchers. You can use it to create up to four overlays and define transition animations between video layers. You can adjust the transition duration and set the clip to fade to black. But that is not all, as MotionCaster comes with a fully-featured editor called MotionStudio to help you create such effects and manipulate your content.

It's possible to add several graphical effects to enrich the broadcasting session and make it more exciting, including virtual studios, titles, scoreboards, and more.

Aside from streaming, MotionCaster Serial also provides video recording and NDI or SDI playout. And, as recording a video and broadcasting content to various destinations at the same time is most likely to put a strain on your system's resources, the application features a section dedicated to monitoring the CPU, the memory, and the network traffic.

MotionCaster is an interesting piece of software but keep in mind that your computer must meet at least the minimum, if not the recommended system requirements for it to work properly. Otherwise, it might seem laggy and difficult to operate with.

The most noticeable drawback is the steep learning curve, meaning it will take a significant amount of time before getting completely familiar with the application to be able to use it at full potential. Thus, having a detailed tutorial and links to the official documentation within the application might be a good idea for future releases.