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Surveying multiple websites for extracting particular content or elements can be a burdensome task if performed manually. Fortunately, there are software solutions meant to help improve such undertakings and one of them is Management-Ware Extract Anywhere. It was built in order to offer users an accessible way of creating custom scripts for extracting website data and content, in just a few mouse clicks.

The application comes packed with a clean interface that allows users to open the preferred websites, create new scripts and manage them in an adjacent side panel. Featuring two main sections, the Script builder and Data extractor, the interface allows one to toggle between the two quickly.

Management-Ware Extract Anywhere

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Once a preferred element from the opened website has been selected, a new script can be created for extracting it. The main advantage is that users do not need to input any code or strings and are assisted by a very useful script creation wizard which allows them to customize the scripts.

Users will be able to use the selected website elements and extract them using the application’s dedicated module. Provided that they have also defined an extraction script, they can save the preferred content.

To prepare the extracted content for external use or processing, the application allows people to export the elements to multiple formats, some of which include: CSV, XML, RTF, PDF and TXT. Considering its accessible interface and the fact that it does not require any expert script knowledge, this utility could be appreciated by novice users.

This utility addresses those who require an efficient tool for extracting elements and content from websites, using scripts. It will provide them with an easy-to-use package that allows them to build scripts without any advanced knowledge and use them in order to grab the preferred website content in in no time.