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The Internet is the place where you end up for a whole array of activities, services, and even entertainment. Sharing files is also a key element of the Internet, and P2P sharing programs like BitComet make transfers pretty comfortable. If you feel like downloads are a little slow, however, you can attempt to increase it with BitComet EZ Booster.

The application takes little time to install, and it’s a good idea to close BitComet during setup to prevent any issues, although BitComet EZ Booster doesn’t really integrate into the dedicated program. In fact it runs as a stand-alone application with its own interface and set of controls.

BitComet EZ Booster

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It quietly sits in the tray area, and interacting with the dedicated icon brings up the window. Acceleration is on by default, but the state is toggled at the press of a button. Quite the effort got invested into the design of the interface, fitted with high-quality textures and various details which make it look and feel independent.

The interface displays a real-time updating graph of traffic so you can clearly analyze how fast info comes and goes. Several other statistics are also displayed, such as the type of connection, the status, uptime, bytes sent, bytes received, as well as session duration.

In case file transfer sessions represent a common task on your computer, you might want to know that the application can be made to run with Windows from the tray icon. You can choose the preferred network interface from the main window, just in case you want to accelerate traffic only for a particular adapter.

All things considered, we can state that BitComet EZ Booster Serial comes as a handy application which attempts to boost file transfer sessions handled by BitComet. You can make it use a particular network interface, and let it run with Windows so that it’s ready by the time you reach the desktop.