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Tracking cookies are collected by most websites to create personalized, targeted marketing products as well as other purposes. However, many users don't feel comfortable sending their personal information to third parties. This is why certain websites, such as Firefox and Chrome, have a built-in Do Not Track option that, once enabled, prevents those websites from gathering your data.

Even so, these Do Not Track blockers may fail to pick up on some activity. To strengthen security when it comes to tracking cookies, you can turn to Privacy Guardian. Made by the same guys who came up with System Mechanic, Privacy Guardian is an all-round security application that can protect your entire computer from tracking cookies, regardless of the used browser.

Privacy Guardian

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It's a feature-rich tool that contentiously monitors your PC for tracking activity, blocks any related attempts, and generates full reports for your inspection. The app gets integrated into the systray and shows notifications on new events.

You can bring up the main app window and visit the dashboard to get an overview of the tracking activity, top tracking websites and blocked attempts, and more data. The reports section gives you the possibility to take a closer look at each potential tracking attempt when it comes to the source and script.

As described by Privacy Guardian Serial, your digital print is unique and made of your browsing habits. Marketing companies and individuals which collect this data produce ads that can be seen on all sites you access. This is why the application makes sure to mask your digital fingerprint, showing details on fingerprint changes. A privacy score can be viewed to make a quick assessment of your PC's current security when it comes to the current tracking detection status, number of unprotected websites, cookie clearing schedule, and total cookie whitelist entries.

Additional protection can be ensured by installing browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. If you're still uncertain, you can use a secured, built-in web browser (powered by Duck Duck Go) to run private searches (the developer guarantees that your sensitive information will not be distributed to marketers or advertisers).

Taking everything into account, Privacy Guardian seems to have all the necessary tools to help stop tracking cookies and enjoy a comfortable Internet browsing experience without having to open incognito pages.