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Remote Scheduler is a relatively simple application that can help users who need to manage several computers or initiate various actions from a remote location. It enables you to execute scheduled tasks on multiple machines even if you cannot access them directly.

The program is not too difficult to use, and there is no need to configure any network settings, as all the client computers simply load a script file saved to a shared location.

Remote Scheduler

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The utility allows you to create tasks that are executed at a certain time, or on a specified interval. You only need to define the target application, the working directory and task parameters, although some other advanced settings can be customized as well.

For instance, you can set up a machine filter to prevent certain computers from executing the task, run the process as a different user, capture the execution output and hide the console window when the task is launched.

Once you have configured one or more tasks, you can export them to a script file and save it to a shared location. The file can then be loaded by client machines that are running Remote Scheduler and executed from the host computer.

When run in Client Mode, most of the application’s functions are disabled, and you also have the option of protecting the scheduler with a password, thus preventing unauthorized users from shutting it down.

The program’s UI is not at all cluttered, and the menus are arranged in an intuitive manner. You can also customize the layout by resizing the various panels.

The user manual is not very extensive, but it does a good job of explaining the purpose of all the available functions.

In conclusion, Remote Scheduler Serial is a useful application that enables you to create scheduled tasks and execute them on multiple remote machines. It can be configured without too much effort, and it does not rely on prior specialized knowledge.