SoliCall Pro 1.11.25 Crack With Keygen 2020

The purpose of SoliCall Pro is to significantly improve the sound quality of voice calls you make from your computer, regardless of the application you are using. It is compatible with some of the most popular instant messaging and conferencing applications, as well as softphone programs.

Relying on advanced patented technology, SoliCall Pro is capable of reducing in-call noise and echo from both ends. This makes sound clear, eliminating interferences, delays and interruptions.

SoliCall Pro

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It is advisable that you go through the settings in the 'Options' window before using the application with any voice conferencing program, and select the input and output devices that SoliCall Pro will apply filters to.

SoliCall Pro features audio filtering capabilities, making it possible to remove the ambient noise both on your side and from your interlocutor, so that you both can hear better. The call echo can also be canceled by SoliCall Pro; this way, you will not hear yourself while talking to others. The filter aggressiveness can be controlled using simple sliders.

Thanks to the noise reduction profiles SoliCall Pro Serial can create, its performance can be enhanced even further. To be more specific, the application records a sample of your voice while speaking out loud, marking all other sounds as background noise and reducing their amplitude while in the call.

SoliCall Pro also features call recording, providing support for WAV and MP3 format, stereo or mono. To record audio as an MP3 file, you must have a third party MP3 encoder installed.

SoliCall Pro has the power to completely transform a muffled, enhoey, or garbled call by improving the audio quality in real time. Usage is simple, and configuration should not pose problems.

Personalized acoustic profiles are definitely a plus, since they can transform a frustrating conversation into a pleasant, normal one.