PNG To TIFF Converter Software 7.0 Crack + Keygen Download

There are many photo converters out there that have rich options and configuration settings. However, if you're interested in a simple solution focused on producing TIFF images from PNG pictures without having to worry about complicated features, you can take a look at PNG To TIFF Converter Software.

It's an easy-to-use image conversion tool that can read only PNG images and create only TIFF files, giving you the possibility to pick the preferred method of compression prior to conversion.

PNG To TIFF Converter Software

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The application gets installed quickly, thanks to the fact that there are no special software requirements or complex settings during setup. It's wrapped in what seems to be an outdated interface which puts emphasis on simplicity, nevertheless, having intuitive options spread across the main window.

Bulk processing is supported, which means that it's possible to convert multiple PNGs to multiple TIFFs simultaneously (the PNGs cannot be merged into a single TIFF). You can either pick them out one by one from file, or point out to a folder that contains all the PNGs you want to convert - files of any other types are automatically excluded, so there's no risk of encountering errors related to this.

In addition to choosing the destination for saving the new TIFFs to, you can pick the favorite TIFF compression mode by exploring a menu with RLE, LZW, LZWP, ZLIB, G3, G3-2D, G4 and JPEG. This comes in handy for creating numerous smaller files that can be easily sent via email or stored on USB flash drives with a limited disk capacity. Alternatively, neither type of compression will be applied.

Besides the fact that you can load sample files provided by the developer to see how the tool works, there are no other options worth mentioning. PNG To TIFF Converter Software Serial gets the job done swiftly, delivering quality TIFF images. Unfortunately, it has a pretty basic set of options which come bundled with other similar utilities dedicated to graphic processing that are free to use (like GIMP or IrfanView).