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Accidentally deleting data you actually need or losing data due to disk corruption is extremely frustrating but, fortunately, those files might not be lost for good. A data recovery application, such as MaxDataGenius, might be able to find them and help you get them back.

One of the perks of MaxDataGenius is its wizard-based interface, which makes it fit for any computer user, regardless of experience. In the first step, all the disks and their partitions are displayed, together with detailed information about their structure and configuration.


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Once the target disk is chosen, you can continue to the next step, which requires the selection of the recovery scenario. There are multiple paths you can opt for in this case. MaxDataGenius can analyze the disk and let you browse its files from an Explorer-like interface, or run an in-depth scan to find data you previously deleted. Furthermore, it can try to retrieve files you lost as a consequence of drive formatting, or securely erase files you no longer need, blocking any future attempts to recover them.

It's not just data recovery you can perform with MaxDataGenius. In fact, it can act just as well as a disk health assessment tool. It enables you to detect bad or damaged blocks on the hard disks, displaying the referential S.M.A.R.T. analysis and the disk usage.

There are additional disk tools at your disposal, which enable you to create a disk image that can be easily restored at a later time, copy a disk image to another hard disk, perform disk cleanup by overwriting the lost and deleted data so it cannot be recovered, or browse the files on the disk using a hex editor.

The functionality of MaxDataGenius Serial is not limited to recovering files only, as it also comes with tools for creating disk images and copying entire partitions, or checking the health status of the hard drive. Despite the assortment of tools at your disposal, the application manages to keep everything organized, which makes it easy to work with.

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