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Cpukiller provides you with a way to slow down your processor in order to ensure computer compatibility with older games and applications. With its help, you will be able to run such legacy software on your newer PC.

The application displays a graphical representation of the CPU usage within its main window, alongside detailed information concerning the CPU vendor and other technical specifications.


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The slow down factor can be changed using the embedded slider, which gives you the freedom to adjust the speed value to the requirements of the program you want to run.

One important advantage of the application is its ability to create presets for launching certain applications at specific speeds. This saves you the effort and the time needed in order to repeatedly adjust the slow down rate and browse for the target application.

For your convenience, each preset can be assigned a hot key, which means that you can activate Cpukiller with a key combination. Also, you can instruct the application to close upon program launch or minimize itself to the system tray, in order not to interfere with your work.

Cpukiller relies on a multithreaded slow down method, offering you the possibility to switch between the time controlled algorithm and the so-called 'greedy' algorithm, which was implemented in an older version of the application.

Featuring multiprocessor support, Cpukiller is capable of helping you launch older applications that might not be compatible with recent system configurations. Please note that even with its help, some of the programs or games you want to launch might not work properly.