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When Windows 8 was launched in October 2012, there were numerous users who complained that removing the Start Menu was an uninspired decision and that it should be brought back. Since Microsoft did not comply, it was left to software developers to come up with other solutions, such as Start Menu Reviver.

This applications adds a fully functional start menu to one’s Windows 8 computer, without trying to replicate the one from Windows 7.

A Better Button

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It provides users with handy access to folders and files they open on a regular basis, while also allowing them to drag and drop shortcuts onto the main window of Start Menu Reviver in order to pin them.

Furthermore, one can look for a certain entry using the dedicated search box, or they can sort the pinned items alphabetically and try to locate it this way.

When users want to manually create a new tile to be displayed with the newly-added Start Menu, they can assign it a name and a file shortcut, but they can also choose its color or the image that will be used a thumbnail (which make it easy to identify the file in the long run).

In addition, Start Menu Reviver also offers users access to several areas of Windows such as the Command Prompt, the Control Panel, the Device Manager, the Windows Firewall or the Updates.

Just like the traditional Start Menu, the new one also includes power options, so that users can quickly log off, shutdown or restart the PC, along with enter sleep or hibernation modes.

All in all, Start Menu Reviver can come in handy to all those who cannot get used to not having their Start Menu is lower left corner of their screen. They can also customize its colors to ensure it blends in nicely with the OS theme.