iSunshare Excel Password Genius 3.1.30 Crack & Serial Number

Most password-protected types of contents and services advise you against using the same key for multiple accounts. However, this can lead to the loss of less important or seldom-used security keys, and it can even happen with a protected Excel spreadsheet. Don’t worry, iSunshare Excel Password Genius is sure to help you recover it.

The application presents its set of features in an intuitive window. The type of attack you wish to use is selected from a drop-down menu, while related configurations are easily reached through tabs. A progress indicator lets you know how much until it’s done, with all events shown in the status window.

iSunshare Excel Password Genius

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On the bright side of things, you only need the Excel spreadsheet you wish to recover the password for, without Microsoft Office having to be installed on your computer. Both XLS and XLSX file formats are supported. In case there are several files for which a password is lost, they need to be processed one-by-one.

You get to choose and configure the attack type to use against the target file. Possible options let you select brute-force, mask, dictionary, or a smart attack type. The interface tabs take you through a series of configurations, becoming available when the appropriate type of attack is selected.

In case of a dictionary attack, there’s the possibility to provide a custom dictionary file. If it contains the password, then the process is finished shortly, while failing otherwise. There’s also a default dictionary file you can use.

Character sets used in the attack can be selected in the range tab, with configurable values for minimal and maximal length in the homonymous tab. The application can automatically save your session if something happens, and you can even assign high priority to the program for better performance. Additionally, you can leave it running in the background.

Bottom line is that regardless of the password you lose, it gets incredibly frustrating to have to use it after a considerable amount of time and not remember it. Dedicated to Office spreadsheets, iSunshare Excel Password Genius Serial comes with powerful methods to attempt to break down the code and reveal it to you.