iSunshare SQL Password Genius Crack & Activation Code

It’s more or less mandatory to secure personal items and accounts with a password. However, using a unique one for each can lead to loss of seldom-used passwords. Things can get frustrating if it happens to one of your database accounts. Luckily, you can use specialized applications like iSunshare SQL Password Genius to reset or change it.

It only takes a little while for the application to get deployed on your computer, showing up on the desktop right away. On the bright side of things, you benefit from all it has to offer even if Microsoft SQL Server is not installed on the current PC. Chances are you’re only in possession of the database file of interest, and that’s all you need.

iSunshare SQL Password Genius

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Files under the MDF format can be loaded, with support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014/2012/2008/2005/2000. The list of accounts is displayed in the application as soon as the file loads, with a table displaying the user name and corresponding password.

This is a pretty reliable solution to reset or change passwords for users of all kinds in your database without having to actually access the server. You can select one or more items from the list, and hitting reset initiates the process.

The application can reset the password for the selected user, just in case you want to remove or change it. More than that, it’s possible to also reset the password to the SA account, which is the master administrator. It’s best leave this account be, unless all other administrator accounts are blocked or inaccessible.

All things considered, we can state that iSunshare SQL Password Genius Serial is a safe and reliable method of resetting or changing the password to one or more Microsoft SQL Server users without actually accessing the server itself, including the master SA password.