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If you are a business manager, you know how difficult it is to secure important data, especially when it is being stored on multiple computers.

CrashPlan PRO is a powerful and intuitive application, designed to help you protect valuable files by saving them to local or cloud storage destinations.

CrashPlan PRO

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The program can perform backups automatically or on a specific schedule. You can have it run between certain times and on particular days of the week. You can also specify how often automatic backups should be performed and how long older versions of the data should be stored.

It is also possible to exclude certain formats from the backup process, compress files and enable data deduplication. Additionally, saved files can be encrypted using the 448-bit Blowfish algorithm.

CrashPlan PRO can send alerts, to notify you if a backup operation has not been performed for a preset number of days. You can also receive backup status reports on certain intervals.

The application is designed with laptops in mind, as it can detect when the device's battery reaches a certain level and stop all operations.

It is also possible to have the program use a specified amount of system resources, depending on whether the computer is being used or not.

CrashPlan PRO Serial feature two modules: a desktop application and an online management console. This allows you to perform operations from remote locations, without having to install the program on another machine.

You can login to your online account to remotely configure the desktop utility on various devices. Additionally, you can use the Web Restore feature to send stored data to multiple users.

Overall, CrashPlan PRO is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application that can help business managers secure important data on multiple local or cloud destinations. It allows you to perform operations locally, using a desktop application and remotely, with the online management console.