DERescue Data Recovery Master 2.76 Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

Data recovery tools are a dime and a dozen, but it never hurts to have multiple options when it comes to the software solution you resort to in case your files were accidentally deleted or simply become inaccessible.

DERescue Data Recovery Master is one such piece of software that can come to your aid in various scenarios, helping you regain control of your files and folders in a short amount of time.

DERescue Data Recovery Master

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Once you install the program, you are prompted with a window asking for details about the circumstances that led to data loss. As such, you need to select one of the following options to remedy the situation: deleted, formatted, lost partitions, and ghost recovery.

That means you should be covered in quite a few cases, such as if your files were deleted by an app or virus, if a drive was formatted, if a partition was lost, or simply destroyed by the user in various other manners.

Regardless of your choice, the application allows you to preview and browse your files, with two different views being supported. That means you can opt for a folder or list view, depending on what benefits your workflow.

As for the details the preview provides you with, it is worth pointing out that its file name and size, modification and creation time, along with HEX data and picture are displayed so that you recover strictly content that is relevant to you.

When you are done, exporting your files and folders to another disk should raise no difficulties whatsoever. You simply need to check the ones you are interested in, then make sure you do not opt for the same partition they originate from.

On an ending note, DERescue Data Recovery Master Serial is a handy application designed to salvage inaccessible files and folders. The program is approachable and its specific transparency as regards its modus operandi recommends it as a tool even beginners could resort to, but it does boast an advanced recovery mode as well in case you want to juggle with more subtle settings.