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Modern devices are equipped with large memory units so you can take pictures and record movies on the go to capture all important moments in your life. There's always the risk of losing data or damaging the drive itself, but there are specialized applications like Ontrack EasyRecovery Home that give you the possibility to recover accidentally removed or lost files.

One advantage is the clever and modern design that quickly gets you up and running and is especially suitable for beginners. This is because of the wizard-driven process, with a lot of helpful info displayed so you don't get stuck along the way.

Ontrack EasyRecovery Home

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Using this application, you'll be able to recover a large variety of lost files from multiple memory units. You notice this right from the first step of the process, where you are asked to pick the drive of your choice, with options like hard disk drive, memory device, optical media, multimedia or mobile devices, as well as RAID systems.

Choosing the type of drive, as well as a corresponding partition, if available, takes you closer to getting ahold of files. You also need to specify what type of process to run. The application is supposed to recover deleted files, formatted media, run disk diagnostics, or simply let you browse through the content of a drive. Additionally, you can pick the type of file system to look up, with an impressive array of options.

It can take some time to run the scan process, depending on the condition and size of your selected drive. The last step puts you face to face with what the application was able to gather from within the clusters it snooped for your files.

You might not be entirely satisfied with the result, but the application manages to do a good job. You can also configure a handful of options either to narrow down results or expand search criteria. Luckily, the application comes with an integrated search engine to quickly identify missing files, with an option to enable fuzzy search for better results.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Ontrack EasyRecovery Home Serial is a suitable solution with which you can attempt to bring back accidentally lost files and folders from beyond the recycle bin. The modern design and the wizard-driven process makes sure you quickly accommodate, while support for various drives and file systems makes for increased practicality.