REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate Crack With Activation Code

If you use Microsoft Outlook as you default email client and you plan on upgrading to a newer version or you simply need to switch computers and keep your data unimpaired, then surely a quick backup is the way to go here.

This said, REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate is a forthright and efficient piece of software designed to help you do just that: backup your Outlook data with just a few mouse clicks.

REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate

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Besides backing up your data, it can also move Outlook profiles from one computer to the other or from older to newer versions of the Microsoft-vetted email client. In a few words, it allows you to backup, restore and migrate all your Outlook information.

Evidently, for the application to properly work, you need to make sure that Microsoft Office is installed on your computer. Subsequent to its installation and upon first launching the app, you are greeted by a minimalistic and user-friendly interface that makes it as straightforward as possible to access all its features.

You can choose from two methods of backing up, namely Smart Backup and Advanced Backup. With the help of smart wizards, you are efficiently guided through the necessary stages.

You firstly need to create a backup profile, then select the specific items and the overall settings and choose a schedule if you want.

Restoring from the backups is just as simple, as you only need to choose from two methods, namely to restore using a previously created backup profile or directly from a backup file.

In terms of both backing up and restoring, REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate Serial provides you with a plethora of options. Evidently, you can backup Outlook profiles, but getting more into detail, you can even backup account settings, default auto archive paths, auto complete nicknames, navigation bar settings and even RSS feeds.

It can also backup and restore customized toolbar settings, custom dictionaries, signatures, templates and custom print setting.

Taking all things into consideration, REMO Outlook Backup & Migrate is a very efficient software solution for backing up or migrating your Outlook data.

Unlike many other software solutions (Outlooks addins, for example), this application offers a faster and more user-friendly method of backing up your data, without even having to launch Outlook in the process of doing so.