Wise Force Deleter 1.51.52

Wise Force Deleter is a safely and easily file unlocker & deleter, with Wise Force Deleter, you will no longer be annoyed with the frustrating experience of not being able to delete a file, especially when closing the item doesn't work. It also allows you to delete files by drag and drop, or by browsing and adding, which is real convenient.

Wise Force Deleter allows you to access it via a context menu. Right after installing it, a new option named Force Delete will appear in the context menu. To unlock & delete a locked file, you just need to right click it, select Force Delete, Wise Force Deleter will be launched. Then you can unlock and delete the file from your Windows system immediately.

Wise Force Deleter is free and allows you to delete any file in your Windows system (64 or 32-bit).

Wise Force Deleter 1.51.52 changelog:

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Updated various translations.

  • GUI and usability improvements.